Savita Bhabhi Indian Porn Comics


Savita Bhabhi Indian Porn Comics

Savita Bhabhi is the first Indian porn comics star who is popular since 2009. She keeps you turned on while she enjoys every moment of her sexual adventures.

Every Friday we publish a new part of sex comics with amazing art. In the archive, you can browse over 200 episodes from various adult series in English and Hindi (PDF download available). Check out the free episodes section, so you’re introduced to Savita properly.

Savita Bhabhi - Episode 136 - Choco-holic - Page 000
Savita Bhabhi

#136 Choco-holic
January 14, 2022

Savita uses a festival of sweet, addictive chocolate in Jaipur as an excuse to plan a cozy weekend getaway with Ashok. But he gets so

Savita Bhabhi - Episode 135 - New Year's Resolution - Page 000
Savita Bhabhi

#135 New Year’s Resolution
December 17, 2021

At a cozy New Year’s Eve party, Ashok prods everyone to reveal their New Year’s resolutions. No one tells the truth, least of all Savita,

Savita Bhabhi - Episode 134 - Sexual Misconduct - Page 000
Savita Bhabhi

#134 Sexual Misconduct
November 19, 2021

Savita comes up with a great idea to both advertise her restaurant and also make money while doing so: get a food truck! And so

Savita Bhabhi - Episode 133 - Comic-Con Quest - Page 000
Savita Bhabhi

#133 Comic-Con Quest
October 20, 2021

Ashok is super excited about attending his first Comic-Con and already bought tickets. But the day of the event, he is called upon to make

Savita Bhabhi - Episode 132 - A ghost story - Page 000
Savita Bhabhi

#132 A Ghost Story
September 24, 2021

Sadly, one of Savita’s old friends passed away many months ago. The woman’s husband contacts Savita out of the blue, explaining that he has been

Savita Bhabhi - Episode 131 - Know Your Enemy - Page 000
Savita Bhabhi

#131 Know Your Enemy
August 27, 2021

A new restaurant has opened right next door to Savita’s, and that could present a problem. What if the new place’s food is better and

Savita Bhabhi - Episode 130 - Savita Is on Fire - Page 000
Savita Bhabhi

#130 Savita Is on Fire!
July 30, 2021

Late one night alone at her restaurant after closing time, Savita accidentally starts a kitchen fire while cooking something for Ashok to bring home to

Savita Bhabhi - Episode 129 - Going Bollywood - Page 000
Savita Bhabhi

#129 Going Bollywood
July 2, 2021

When Bollywood legend Advay Gupta receives an honour at the town’s oldest movie theater, it is such a big event that it causes a traffic

Savita Bhabhi - Episode 128 - Waxing Erotic - Page 000
Savita Bhabhi

#128 Waxing Erotic
June 4, 2021

Savita Bhabhi has an itch, and she has to scratch it! When Shobha tells Savita about her new boy toy over brunch, Savita can’t help

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